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Eco-demonstration House:

The Centre has been designed as an eco-demonstration house. The Centre showcases the principles and operation of low energy and water use design features, technologies and appliances available to family homes.

Many items - such as the photo voltaic cells on the roof - can be retrofitted to existing houses while others, such as the building's thin cross section, or its use of native plantation timbers, must be considered at a project's inception.

The skillion roof and relatively thin cross section of the filament lead to an excellent environmental solution that -

maximizes sun penetrationprovides natural cross ventilationprovides a simple rainwater harvesting solutionprovides ample room for photovoltaic cell placement

The use of low embodied energy materials, locally grown plantation timbers, environmentally friendly paints and eliminating aluminium were part of a comprehensive strategy to limit environmental impacts in the Centre's construction.

The building harvests rainwater; employs 3rd pipe plumbing and recycles grey water to minimise water use.

Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD):
Environmental and Sustainable Design elements to the Centre include:

The building envelope - Orientation of the building; Windows - doubled glazed; amount of windows and positioning; Insulation; and how well the building has been sealed; Shading - the location of trees, the width of eaves and the position and material of any shade cloths; Natural Light;  Ventilation; Heating and cooling; Lighting; Appliances;Floor and window coverings

Sustainability Behaviours:

All Centre users are encouraged to:

  • Minimise waste, using our recycling sorting system and compost
  • Use our environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Minimise electricity use
  • Use our paper products made from more sustainable sources, such as bamboo, sugar cane and recycled paper pulp.

We are very proud of the Sustainability Features of Creeds Farm and happy to show you all about them!


Deciding to Offset our Energy Use

in February and March 2015, we undertook an audit of the energy that we use at Creeds Farm. The audit found that our operations generated about 10 tonnes of green house gases per year. This was generated by our heating, lighting, computers, cooking and part of our hot water. It does not include green houses gases produced by travel to or from the centre or the the materials that we consume at Creeds Farm. 

After considering the energy audit, our Committee of Management decided that the most cost effective way that we could reduce our green house impact was by buying offsets through the Greenfleet biodiverse offset program where native trees are planted to absorb the equivalent of the 10 tonns of green house gasses that we generate. The certificate for the offsets is here.

Thankyou to Aparna Sethi who did a great job in researching and pulling together the energy audit.