Our House

Origins of Creeds Farm

Creeds Farm was built in 2011 when there were less than 8,000 residents in the area as a place to help build and strengthen the early Epping North community. Designed and built under the Greener Houses Initiative Creeds Farm showcases a range of sustainable residential design concepts in order to demonstrate how new arrivals can build a sustainable home and how residents can live more sustainably.

We provide a gathering place with a community focus and opportunities for life-long learning, skills development, information sharing, social and recreation activities and community development.  We support local community groups by providing low cost meeting and function places.

The concept, design & implementation of Creeds Farm Living & Learning Centre incorporated the partnership of 5 different organisations:

  • City of Whittlesea | The City of Whittlesea Council values co-ordination and shared outcomes in order to achieve the best outcome for its communities. Council is preparing itself for significant development in a number of growth areas in the coming years including Epping North’s Aurora, the largest sustainable master-planned community in Victoria.
  • Hornery Institute | The Hornery Institute is an independent, boutique agency specialising in community planning and development and offering a “people centred” approach to the development of places. The mission of The Hornery Institute articulates its broader purpose as “making communities better places to live, learn, work and play”. The Hornery Institute aspire to create the best outcomes for the community by making connections and working in partnership with the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Melbourne City Mission | Melbourne Citymission are widely respected for their ability to broker and lead ground breaking collaborations between communities, government, business and the not-for-profit sectors, as well as addressing critical social and economic issues in neighbourhoods where poverty, unemployment, abuse and exclusion are entrenched and inter-generational.
  • North East Neighbourhood House Network | The North East Neighbourhood House Network facilitates co-ordination and linkages within the network membership and the wider community service system, provides support and resourcing to member houses, and advocates on behalf of the membership at a community, Local and State Government level.
  • VicUrban (now Places Victoria) | VicUrban was the Victorian Government’s sustainable urban development agency committed to delivering prosperous and successful communities in regional and metropolitan Victoria. VicUrban works in partnership with the public and private sector and takes a leadership role in urban developments across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Creeds Farm is a Community Governed Organisation

Our Philosophy

Creeds Farm believes in the strength of community participation and the power of community led activities to make our neighbourhood a better place for all.

Our Values

The Centre’s values underpin its strategic direction and are central to the philosophy and activities of our organisation. These values are:

Our Committee

We are governed by a voluntary committee of management and supported by local and state government.

Our well-functioning Committee of Management meets one weeknight every 6 weeks and currently has 6 members.

Office Bearers

Christina DiPierdomenico

Christina is an insightful and outcomes focused leader motivated to help people and communities flourish. She’s worked in government and management consulting across a broad range of portfolios including organisational performance and development, strategy and planning, change management, communications and engagement, education and training and executive advice and support. She worked for Ombudsmen for over a decade in Australia and overseas. Her background is in law, investigations and dispute resolution. Christina values fairness, making a difference and social justice. Christina joined the Committee in 2018 and loves getting to know her local community better and supporting Creeds Farm Living and Learning Centre. Christina is also a mentor with Leadership Victoria and La Trobe University’s Career Ready Mentoring Program.

Miin Yeo

Miin joined the Creeds Farm Committee in November 2019. With experience in finance reporting, compliance processes, executive administration and database management, she has been working in the not-for-profit sector for over 9 years. Miin holds a degree in Business and Commerce and a Cert IV in Accounting. A local resident, Miin attends the classes/courses held at Creeds Farm. She is passionate about women’s health, community development, social justice and equality.

Milena Schaeder
Milena Schaedler

Milena moved to Australia from Poland with her young family in 2012. With background in Environmental Planning, she has worked as a noise pollution specialist for governmental institution. Currently completing her Cert. IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping at Melbourne Polytechnic, Milena aims to get back to professional career in Australia. Milena started being involved in local community through playgroups at Creeds Farm. Milena takes part in local craft markets where she connects with local makers and sells her environmentally friendly crochet creations. Growing organic food and promoting healthy lifestyle is always in Milena’s focus and she identifies herself with Creeds Farm’s sustainability values and initiatives. She joined Creeds Farm Committee as a Treasurer in order to work closer with local community members and help to promote CFLLC values.

Jo Lee
Jo Lee
General Member

Jo is a local resident who was attracted to Creeds Farm by the building and its value in promoting sustainable living. She joined the committee as a general member in 2018. Jo facilitated the SPARKLE playgroup at Creeds in 2014. She is one of the founding members of the Connecting Women’s Group, which formally started in July 2019 following success in grant applications. Working as a paediatric speech pathologist in Epping, Wollert and surrounding rapidly expanding suburbs, Jo witnesses first hand the isolation young and migrant families experienced. She is passionate in connecting people and using the strengths and skills each person brings to support each other and build a strong community.

Tanya Wilson
General Member

Tanya is a local resident who started taking classes at creeds farm in 2019. It helped her feel connected in the community after feeling isolated in a new area. As an immigrant herself she understands the conflicting feelings of excitement and hope of living in Australia but also the sense of loss of where you were born. She hopes to extend the sense of connectedness to others new to the area by joining the committee. Tanya has a degree in Biochemistry/Psychology and a Cert IV in Front-line Management. She has worked in the northern suburbs for over a decade with experience in manufacturing, compliance and change management. A mum to two young children, she is passionate about the environment and volunteers at a local charity that assists families when they fall on hard times.

Ananya Desai, Nicholas Brain
General Members


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