About Creeds Farm Living & Learning Centre

Our House

Creeds Farm Living and Learning Centre is a purpose built Neighbourhood House in Epping North.  We provide a gathering place with a community focus and opportunities for life-long learning, skills development, information sharing, social and recreation activities and community development.  We support local community groups by providing low cost meeting and function places.

Creeds Farm was built in 2011 when there were less than 8,000 residents in the area as a place to help build and strengthen the early Epping North community. Designed and built under the Greener Houses Initiative Creeds Farm showcases a range of sustainable residential design concepts in order to demonstrate how new arrivals can build a sustainable home and how residents can live more sustainably.


Our Philosophy

Creeds Farm believes in the strength of community participation and the power of community led activities to make our neighbourhood a better place for all.

Our Values

The Centre’s values underpin its strategic direction and are central to the philosophy and activities of our organisation. These values are:


Creeds Farm is a Community Governed Organisation

Our Committee

We are governed by a voluntary committee of management and supported by local and state government.

Office Bearers

President:  Kathryn Jenkins

Kathryn is a highly experienced training professional, with a career spanning 27 years in the education, corporate and community services sectors.

As an experienced Manager, Coach and Facilitator, Kathryn provides training and consulting services in the areas of community management and governance, people management and effective personal leadership skills

Kathryn has been a volunteer board member for Creeds Farm Living and Learning Centre for over 3 years; the last 12 months as President. She is extremely proud to work with the Committee of Management and staff to contribute to the centre’s growth and achievements.

On top of this, Kathryn program manages the Rivers and Ranges Community Leadership Program. This amazing 12 month program, educates local and aspiring leaders in the skills and networks to effectively manage and lead successful community outcomes.

Secretary: Christina DiPiedomenico


Other committee members


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Rules of Creeds Farm