Creeds Farm is a Community Governed Organisation

Our Philosophy

Creeds Farm believes in the power of community-led activities and in working with our community to create a vibrant, connected neighbourhood.

Our Values

The Centre’s values underpin its strategic direction and are central to the philosophy and activities of our organisation. These values are:

  • ConnectionWe connect with each other and connect people to opportunities, support, learning and community.
  • EmpowermentWe enable community participation and support self-awareness and people taking action to meet their needs.
  • DiversityWe celebrate people’s strengths, skills and potential, learn from each other and promote inclusiveness.
  • WelcomingWe are positive, kind and bring goodwill and good humour to all we do.


Creeds Farm Living & Learning Centre is an Incorporated Association governed by a voluntary Committee of Management.

Origins of Creeds Farm

Creeds Farm was built in 2011 when there were less than 8,000 residents in the area as a place to help build and strengthen the early Epping North community. Designed and built under the Greener Houses Initiative Creeds Farm showcases a range of sustainable residential design concepts in order to demonstrate how new arrivals can build a sustainable home and how residents can live more sustainably.

We provide a gathering place with a community focus and opportunities for lifelong learning, skills development, information sharing, social and recreational activities and community development.  We support local community groups by providing low-cost meeting and function places.

The concept, design & implementation of Creeds Farm Living & Learning Centre incorporated the partnership of 5 different organisations:

  • City of Whittlesea | The City of Whittlesea Council values coordination and shared outcomes in order to achieve the best outcome for its communities. Council is preparing itself for significant development in a number of growing areas in the coming years including Epping North’s Aurora, the largest sustainable master-planned community in Victoria.
  • Hornery Institute | The Hornery Institute is an independent, boutique agency specialising in community planning and development and offering a “people-centred” approach to the development of places. The mission of The Hornery Institute articulates its broader purpose as “making communities better places to live, learn, work and play”. The Hornery Institute aspire to create the best outcomes for the community by making connections and working in partnership with the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Melbourne City Mission | Melbourne City Mission is widely respected for its ability to broker and lead groundbreaking collaborations between communities, government, business and the not-for-profit sectors, as well as addressing critical social and economic issues in neighbourhoods where poverty, unemployment, abuse and exclusion are entrenched and inter-generational.
  • North East Neighbourhood House Network | The North East Neighbourhood House Network facilitates coordination and linkages within the network membership and the wider community service system, provides support and resourcing to member houses, and advocates on behalf of the membership at a community, Local and State Government level.
  • VicUrban (now Places Victoria) | VicUrban was the Victorian Government’s sustainable urban development agency committed to delivering prosperous and successful communities in regional and metropolitan Victoria. VicUrban works in partnership with the public and private sectors and takes a leadership role in urban developments across metropolitan and regional Victoria.


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